M2 Project

Facilitating Formative Assessment

During my Final Master project I conducted design research on how to facilitate the formative assessment of Design-based Learning projects. I have taken FBP- and FMP students at Industrial Design as case-studies to empirically evaluate two different interventions. Weekly reflection questions and quarterly peer sessions are proposed as ways to facilitate formative self- and peer assessment.

As a design researcher, I aim to bridge the gap between theoretical frameworks (eg. on formative assessment) and the practicalities of everyday life (eg. of students). My M2 allowed me to define and run a project, that is in line with my vision and identity, both in context and approach. I ran a very user-centered process to gain insights that contribute to facing the challenge of educating life-long learners. Using verified methods to obtain and analyze, both quantitative and qualitative findings, enabled me to make scientifically sound arguments.

During my master I specialized in Design and Research Processes, User and Society & Math, Data and Computing. Within my FMP the integration of US is stronger than the MDC integration. The evaluated designs are build upon structured user-involvement in my M1.2 and the user evaluations have been methodological and theory-based.

To integrate MDC I aimed to use a data-enabled-design inspired approach, to make quick iterations and provide a personalized system, to ask weekly reflection questions. Due to the chosen platform (Canvas) and the amount of participants, I did not mange to reach this aim. I did manage to apply inferential statistics as a means to validate hypotheses.